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Not just a restyling, but a whole new world. An overall technical improvement, achieved by pushing the racing DNA of this quintessential road bike to the limits, first and foremost by preserving its monocoque construction system. By working on the new design and maintaining the same angles, while raising the headset, we have developed a bike dedicated to people looking for an extreme bike, suitable for long climbs because of its light weight and for sprints because of its rigidity. A one-of-a-kind product thanks to its aerodynamic design and light weight. More than just a bike, it is an unique and inimitable artwork.

5,299.00 €

can be shipped within 30 days

Born for competitions, of a breath-taking beauty. An extreme frame for specialists, for really cool people. But despite the appearances, it is also a comfortable, accurate, safe, easy-to-handle tool. A true work of art, a monocoque “sculpture’’, a unique piece realized in an elastic and strong carbon fiber. The new central movement ensures full power transfer to the ground, which cannot be reached by any other frame on the market. The BB386 bottom bracket ensures full power transfer to the ground, which cannot be achieved by any other frame in the market today. In addition to suit all terrains, it is ideal for TT (Time Trial) races.

Power, performance and prestige, the Cipollini RB1000 is what other manufacturers wish to create, but can’t deliver.

4,949.00 €


 Comfort and performance over any terrain
The revolutionary Atomlink™ system for the triangle-rear axle connection permits
reactions and power discharges into the ground that live up to the standards of the best monocoque designs.
An aggressive, rigid frame, which is still precise and flexible in descent. The bike is constantly growing in
popularity among those looking for the highest performances without compromises, at a more contained price.
A comfortable, eclectic, balanced bike, perfect for long distances and steep climbs.
Recommended for Gran Fondo riders and advanced amateurs.


2,990.00 €

can be shipped within 14 days