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Alé Ale Solid Sharp Damen Jacket Giubbino Donna 2°-8°

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This thermal and windproof garment fits like a jersey but offers the same features as a protective jacket. Engineered to ride when temperatures drop below zero. Jacket construction follows our body mapping guidelines, which ensure breathability and protection even during the most intense workouts through the strategic selection and positioning of fabrics in the garment. The 3-layer W-Wind 3L Soft 280 with Windtex membrane protects against wind, while the soft inner pile protects against cold by wicking sweat away from the skin. No more shivers down your spine


- Weight: 280 gr
- Heat: 2° / 8° C


W Wind 3L Soft 280:
- This fabric, laminated with windproof Windtex membrane, offers excellent breathability and thermal insulation. The inside is made of a soft fleece that keeps the body temperature stable.
- thermal fleece 200

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