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Cadex 50 Ultra Tubeless Disc 2023 Wheelset


CADEX 50 Ultra Tubeless Disc



A fast road wheel is a wheel that best manages the various, ever-changing forces of road riding. One of these forces, especially at higher speeds, is drag. Every aspect of this WheelSystem is engineered and designed to minimize drag, no matter the course profile. From the aero profile of the 50mm carbon rims to the Super Aero spokes and all-new aero hubs, it’s a complete system that was developed through exhaustive wind-tunnel testing and proven fastest in its category in real-world conditions.


Whether you’re sprinting, attacking, or taking a big pull on the front, efficiency is your friend. Small gains help you shave seconds, up your average speed, and conserve energy. Nearly weightless CADEX Super Aero carbon spokes deliver wind-slicing speed. Dynamic Balanced Lacing (DBL) technology boosts efficiency by using a wider bracing angle that evens out spoke tension under pedaling forces. An industry-leading weight of 1349g helps improve the system’s lateral stiffness-to-weight ratio up to 41.4% compared to competitor wheels. And an all-new low-friction freehub with ceramic bearings further reduces power loss by up to 30%


To ensure that the least amount power is wasted, the lateral and torsional flex of wheels must be minimized. On the front wheel, the CADEX 50 Ultra has the highest lateral stiffness among its competitors, beating the Zipp 454 NSW by 18.8% and Roval Rapide CLX by 40.6%, all while remaining the lightest of the group. For the rear, the CADEX 50 also has the highest lateral stiffness among competitors, more than 14% stiffer than second place. In terms of transmission stiffness, the CADEX 50 Ultra Disc beats the next best by more than 27%, guaranteeing superior power transfer


Aerodynamic efficiency and ultralight weight are important, but a truly transcendent road wheel must also inspire confidence while descending, cornering, or battling nasty crosswinds. The 50mm aero rim profile and Super Aero spokes balance straight-ahead speed with total control in all types of conditions. In addition, a broad inner rim width (22.4mm) and increased hookless bead width (3.8mm) provide greater support for higher volume tires and enhance sidewall stiffness for better tracking and cornering performance.


  • Wind-tunnel-proven 50mm Hookless Aero Rim Profile, Super Aero carbon spokes and R3-C aero hubs combine for maximum aerodynamic advantage.
  • High-tensile-strength Super Aero carbon spokes minimize lateral flex for efficient acceleration and sprinting.
  • Custom-tuned Dynamic Balanced Lacing technology creates a stiffer, more efficient wheel with outstanding power transfer.
  • Precision machined R3-C40 aero rear hub reduces aerodynamic loss and virtually eliminates bearing load.
  • Ultra-smooth, low-rolling-resistance ceramic bearings offer improved action for minimal power loss.
  • Precision reinforced lay-up technology places carbon fiber only where needed, creating a strong, stiff rim structure with an overall wheel weight of 1349g.
  • Hookless rim technology features a continuous carbon fiber structure with an increased rim bead width of up to 3.8mm on each side to create a rounder tire shape for superior support, grip and handling.
  • Designed for today’s higher volume road tires, the 22.4mm wide inner rim width creates an increased tire contact patch, resulting in better grip and a smoother ride.


Rim Material   Carbon
Rim Type        Hookless Clincher
Tubeless         CADEX Tubeless System (rim tape and valve kit included)
Suggested Tire Size 700 x 25C – 700 x 32C
Rim Height      50mm
Rim Outer Width   30mm
Rim Inner Width    22,4mm
ETRTO                  622-22
Front Hub          CADEX R3-C Aero Hub, Centerlock
Rear Hub           CADEX R3-C40 Aero Low Friction Hub, 40T Ratchet Driver,
Hub Compatibility   Shimano HG / SRAM XDR 12 / Campagnolo
Bearing       CADEX Ceramic Bearings
Front Axle    100x112 Thru
Rear Axle      142x12 Thru
Spokes (Front) Super Aero Carbon Spoke
Lacing (Front)   DBL , 21H
Spokes (Rear)   Super Aero Carbon Spoke
Lacing (Rear)     DBL , 12H
Nipple Type       Alloy
Warranty     2 years
Incident Replacement    5 years (registered original owner only)
Weight (Pair)   1349 g
Weight (Front)   595 g
Weight (Rear)    754 g


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