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GLORYFY G11 photochromic unbreakable transformer energizer TRF 130

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Lenses: NBFX TRANSFORMER energizer F1-F2 - gloryfy Transformer lenses are photochromatic and guarantee a perfect adaptation of the tint to different light conditions from bright to dark. The tint always depends on the strength of the UV radiation 130mm
    UNBREAKABLE & MADE IN AUSTRIA - Unbreakable frames, lenses and temples made of NBFX - protects during sports, practical in everyday life. The memory effect allows the glasses to always return to their original shape
    CONTOUR LENS TECHNOLOGY - High-contrast and true-color vision through mass-colored lenses and the unique gloryfy Contour Lens Technology
    LIGHTWEIGHT - Perfect wearing comfort thanks to one of the lightest materials in the optical industry
    MAXIMUM FIELD OF VIEW, MAXIMUM VENTILATION - Optimized field of vision and best ventilation thanks to the frameless design
    PERFORMANCE FIT - Best hold on the head thanks to rubber nose pads and the innovative Dynamic Flow Grip system at the end of the temples
    Color: Black

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