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Shimano Umwerfer DURA-ACE FD-R9100

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Umwerfer DURA-ACE FD-R9100 2x11 anlöt

Gruppe:Dura Ace
Modell: FD-R9100
Schaltstufen vorne:2-fach
Schaltstufen hinten: 11-fach
Gesamtkapazität: 16 Zähne
Kettenlinie: 43,5mm
Einsatzbereich: Road


Lighter and intuitive shifting operation Natural front shift lever stroke More ergnomical power curve New link (Toggle) construction Precise & easy front derailleur set up More cable routing options Integrated cable tension adjustment New link (Toggle) construction for no need of TL-FD90 and turning converter assembling Adjustable cable tension on the front derailleur Adapted for race specific frame design Available wider front gear pitch Shorter length of rear center with O.L.D.135mm

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