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E-119 Tri+


Ride the icon. Ride the bike by which all other bikes are measured. The E-119 Tri+ is a veritable game changer. It’s the bike of pros, and those who are on the verge of going pro. Classic performance with a fully integrated Oneness front end exclusive to Argon 18, this is the bike of choice of Heather Jackson, Michelle Vesterby, Craig Alexander, and Terenzo Bozzone. Need we say more?


E-119 Tri


Fly like a pro. Ride like a demon. A truly serious bike for serious triathletes. For those who are in training for Ironman™, this bike truly delivers. There’s no turning back once you commit to this road hungry machine. Slightly heavier than E-119 tri+, but with all the legendary Argon 18 technologies to help you best, your personal best.


E-117 Tri


For those who are ready to join this rare breed of triathletes, the E-117 is your launch pad. The E-117 is the perfect entry-level bike for those in serious training, and with serious sights on a half Ironman™. Get out there. Join the club. Push yourself to the limits and discover a stronger, faster you.


Gallium Disc

High performance with braking power to match


Gallium CS

Performance for all

Because even the pros started somewhere. And because everyone who dreams of racing, deserves Gallium performance. This entry-level Gallium is the perfect way to get into the game. The perfect way to make your mark on those long intense training runs, or to jockey for rank on group rides


Argon 18 will stop at nothing to reach new heights of excellence. The Nitrogen, a bike that has already proven itself on the international circuit—including at the iconic Tour de France—is getting the Pro treatment: it is now equipped with a stratospheric level of aerodynamic and lightweight integration. Offered with the exclusive carbon monocoque AHB5000 aero handlebar system, a lightweight and easy-to-use cockpit that generates up to a 30% increase in aerodynamics over standard round handlebars, and unparalleled adjustability, the Nitrogen Pro pushes the limits of performance and optimal balance. Built to be the benchmark in ultimate aerodynamics. Reach new heights with Nitrogen Pro.


Argon 18 has designed the Nitrogen to function as an integrated whole, molded in the company's proprietary molds. The new mold gives the monocoque frame superior rigidity overall, with massive asymmetrical chainstays, a very large bottom bracket and a beefy head tube. Frame weight is 960 g (Includes medium frame, paint & clearcoat. Hardware (60g + 23g Di2 parts) is not included). Reversible (72/76,5) Aero SP5000 carbon seatpost.


Krypton CS

A true endurance bike design with a geometry tuned for long days in the saddle. Its new lay-out offers a stable and comfortable ride with a relaxed rider position while keeping true to our performance heritage. It will take you wherever the road may lead.


With a significant improvement in aerodynamics, the E-119 Tri is the successor to our flagship E-118 Next, a bike that has made its mark on the international IRONMAN™ circuit. True to its commitment to offer the best triathlon bikes in the world, Argon 18’s newest powerhouse is the perfect blend of exceptional aerodynamics, light weight and flawless integration, with proprietary brakes concealed on both fork and seat stays to minimize frontal area while improving ease of access for maintenance. Wind tunnel tests have demonstrated the aero advantage of the E-119 Tri compared to certain competitor’s models that have been historically quoted as references Peak performance. Your ride to excellence. The triathlon bike that will propel you to victory.

The definitive triathlon beast for your inner warrior

Featuring the perfect symbiosis of lightweight construction, rigidity, handling and comfort, the brand-new E-117 Tri+ was designed to help you give the best of yourself. This machine belongs to the next generation of our bikes, which have scooped up the world’s highest triathlon honours. All our tried-and-tested features and components have been reworked and refined to perfection. What’s more, its aerodynamics, inspired from the E-119, and its comprehensive integrated accessories design, identical to that of the E-119 Tri+, ensure that the rider is in full control of the course.

Three sports; one bike. For those driven by a thirst for excellence and the will to triumph at all costs.


Improved comfort. Same weight and rigidity. It’s Optimal balance at its best. With the Krypton, you enter a universe where the pleasure of riding rules all. Think of the spirit behind a brand, a company and the designs that rouse the sensations and emotions around the beauty of cycling. The Argon 18 Krypton is a manifestation of that spirit. The 2015 Krypton channels something of the Gallium Pro, because some of the features developed for our trophy bike have trickled down to the Krypton, turning an already exceptional bike into a potent expression of everything Argon 18 stands for. It is a leader in its class.


E-117 Tri

A tri bike for the devoted, self-empowered triathlete

This fast and comfortable triathlon bike is designed to meet the needs of all triathletes—young or old, experienced or novice. Moreover, thanks to its proven aerodynamics and triathlon-specific geometry, the E-117 Tri will help you rise to your every challenge and overcome any and every obstacle in your path.

Based on the 2015 Krypton, the "Xroad" configuration is built with our new 5007 HM carbon composite. The Krypton Xroad was developed through substantial experimentation with carbon layup and tube shapes. Every detail has been refined, to make it a benchmark ride that will let you discover handling skills you suspected you had but had never fully tapped into. This bike truly is the the embodiment of Optimal Balance. Riders of all physical types will find it easy to set the perfect position thanks to our AFS geometry, with the 3D Headtube adding positioning versatility while retaining all of the bike's rigidity for comfort and accurate steering. Versatility of another kind is now also featured, since the Krypton Xroad can be equipped with Di2, EPS or mechanical components with no extra parts required. The ASP-1600 carbon seat post combines easy and exact adjustments and vise-like tenacity:


Go way off the beaten path with this gravel racer featuring true road race-inspired geometry derived from Argon 18’s legendary race bikes. Some will blaze the trail, but on the Dark Matter, you will scorch it.

Gallium CS Disc

Performance for all

With pro-level lineage, the Gallium CS Disc offers maximum value: industry-leading handling and performance at an accessible price point.


Go way off the beaten path with this gravel racer featuring true road race-inspired geometry derived from Argon 18’s legendary race bikes. Some will blaze the trail, but on the Dark Matter, you will scorch it.

Nitrogen Disc

Dreams do come true