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The central Flink® ball joint isolates the pack from movements of the shoulders. This creates massive freedom of movement for the upper body. The frame distributes the load over a large surface area placing the load’s centre of gravity at the waist, almost completely relieving the spine and the back muscles. Compared to a normal backpack any shoulder movements do not require your shoulder muscles to shift the entire weight of the pack. Ergon pack users experience 10 – 20% of the total load on their shoulders, perfectly balanced with even pressure distribution. This protects your back. This brilliant construction method is the reason for its comfort like no other. The backpack stays put in every situation. Undesired slipping is prevented. A huge advantage.

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Ergon's mid sized Mountain Bike pack. The innovative 'Adaptive Carrier System' holds the load close to the body, and stable. Self correcting shoulder straps available in Regular and Large sizes. 4 position back adjustment allows every rider to find the perfect fit and comfort. The pack has a capacity of 10 liters (expandable to 11.5 liters using the zippered expansion facility) and features a main compartments, bladder compartment, rain cover, hip belt pockets and organization compartments.


Mid Sized Mountain Bike Pack. Using the innovative 'Adaptive Carrier System' the load is compressed and kept close to the body and stable. The self adjusting system is available in two sizes, small and large and the 4 position back length adjustment ensures every rider can find the perfect fit. The pack can be expanded from 16 to 19 liters using the zippered expansion facility and features main compartment, bladder compartment, rain cover, helmet retainer, front and side pockets, and organization compartments. The volume and functional compartment mix make this an ideal pack for long days in the saddle, or even the daily commute. For added visibility the pack has HiLumen reflectors.


Using the same construction and features as the smaller BH200 bladder the BH300 offers a greater capacity for longer rides. The same large opening and reversible construction allows easy cleaning and the detachable plug and play hose means that the bladder can be removed from the pack without unthreading the hose routing - a major advantage over other systems. A valve prevents liquid escaping when the hose is removed. Compatible with all Ergon backpacks (and recommended for the BC3) thanks to the built in hang clip.


The BC2 is the fully featured backpack designed for those all day bike rides. Its flexible Profax PP-frame transfers up to 80% of the load to the hips, while the dynamic Flink® ball-joint offers practically unhindered freedom of movement to the upper body just as with the BC1. It features a sleeve for a bladder, an integrated rain cover, helmet stowage, and smaller pockets for organizing your kit. The bag can also be expanded, offering the practicality of a further 4 litres of capacity. The carry-system has an adjustable hip belt, regulating fit and ventilation. Available in small and large carry system versions and in two different colour combinations.