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The founders of the company have been travelling the globe together for years even before EVOC actually existed. Always in search of the perfect trail or the perfect decent – always in need of bags and backpacks that would endure this permanent strain and still offer the required features.

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Bike travel bag for trips by plane, car, train or boat – 100% protection for your bike. The bike can be stored ready-to-go within mere minutes. Only the handlebar, the pedals and the wheels need to be dismounted. A clever belt system on the inside keeps all the parts firmly in place and the fat padding and the rubber reinforcements protect fragile components such as the groupset, the fork and the dropout. The specially reinforced side pockets for the wheels even offer enough room for hefty 2.5 downhill tyres and they also provide more stability to the bag as a whole. The extra-wide tread provides stability and smoothly running wheels and loads of convenient handles make the EVOC Bike Travelbag very comfortable to transport.


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