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Wilier Cento01 Air R8000 2019

The Wilier Cento10 Air Road Bike continues to revolutionise aerodynamic performance on road bikes by redesigning the tube profiles of this light and stiff machine. Pushing the boundaries of performance continues to encourage Wilier to produce quality race-ready road bikes that have become a mainstay of the pro peloton.

Crafted Carbon: Optimal Aerodynamics

The Cento10 Air features a full carbon fibre aero frame; the teardrop shaped edges give the Cento10 Air the ability to cut through the air with excellent efficiently. The light and stiff carbon frame comes with an integrated Alabarda aero cockpit. Tipping the scales at 390g, the Alabarda was made for harmonious integration with Cento10 Air Road Bike and boosts aerodynamic performance to new peaks. The asymmetrical rear stays ensure the Cento10 Air ensure efficient power transfer from the drivetrain whilst delivering increased stability. You can run tyres up to 28mm wide for increased comfort.

Modell Wilier Cento10 Air 2018
Rahmen Wilier Cento10 Air  CARBON MONOCOQUE 60TON
Gabel Wilier Cento01 Air  CARBON MONOCOQUE 60TON
Steuersatz Wilier
Vorbau Ritchey Comp
Lenker Ritchey Comp
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Hinterradbremse Shimano Ultegra R8000 dircet mount
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Sattelstütze Wilier Carbon made by Ritchey
Sattel Selle Italia SLS



   [cm] [cm] [cm] [°] [cm] [cm] [°] [mm] [mm] [mm]
XS  46,0 42,0 51,3 75,0 10,7 40,4 71,3 378,0 503,0 970
S  48,0 44,0 52,7 74,5 12,2 40,4 72,0 382,5 519,0 974
M  50,0 46,0 54,1 74,0 13,7 40,5 72,5 387,0 536,0 980
L  52,0 48,0 55,5 73,5 15,5 40,5 73,0 391,5 554,0 985
XL  54,0 50,0 57,0 73,0 17,3 40,7 73,0 396,0 571,5 997
XXL  56,0 52,0 58,6 72,5 19,0 40,7 73,5 400,5 589,5 1002
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