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Hudz Bastogne Blue soft grip


SoftGrip - the name pretty much says it all - these are 25% softer and provide 80% more grip than our Original Enhancement Brake Hoods. They can serve as a way to help tame the pounding of rough roads or as the ultimate enhancement for a cyclocross bike. SoftGrip Hudz are not intended to replace our Original Hudz, they are an option to allow riders looking for a different feel to further customize this critical contact point of their bicycle. Road racers and riders looking for a high performance accessory for their bicycle should probably still try our Original Hudz first. Where SoftGrip Hudz shine is: in bad weather; on rough surfaces; on long, steady rides where your hands are consistently on the brake hoods; or for riders with other hand issues that would benefit from the softer compound.

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Compatibility SRAM 10-fach

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