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Zonda™ clincher

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  • 4x15 balls 5/32" in Grade 10 stainless steel
  • dynamic balancing
  • differentiated front-rear rims
  • milled rim
  • aluminium hub bodies
  • aero stainless steel spokes
  • undrilled top bridge
  • oversize right-hand rear flange
  • oversize light-alloy axles
  • oriented spoke holes
  • G3 geometry™ (rear)
  • ultralinear geometry
  • welded joint and machined sides
  • cup and cone bearings
  • monolithic FW body
  • standardised front-rear bearings
  • new quick-releases
  • Weight front: 670g
  • Weight rear: 885g

* The nominal weight refers to the lighter specification among the available options. The weight of the hubs does not includes the quick-release. The nominal weight does not take account of the sometimes considerable quantities of grease used in the assembly of the products.

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