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FOX 36 Factory 27,5" GRIP2 160 2022


Next-Generation Sealed Cartridge FIT Damper

GRIP2 is our next-evolution sealed cartridge FIT system, our highest performing gravity-focused damper. The new damper shares its roots with the original GRIP architecture, but has been seriously enhanced with all-new technology: 4-way adjustability, VVC high-speed rebound circuit, high-performance mid-valve, and overall friction-reducing treatments


The revolutionary design of the GRIP2 damper provides independently adjustable high- and low-speed compression and high- and low-speed rebound.

In addition to offering incredible damper control, the adjustments also have a wider compression damping range to increase support without adding harshness.


FIT GRIP2 now features high-speed rebound using our novel and patent-pending approach: Variable Valve Control (VVC).

It’s a revolutionary way to adjust the high-speed rebound circuit, effectively changing valve stiffness rather than adding preload.

Unlike normal adjusters that add valve preload, VVC uses a leaf spring to alter valve flex in the high-speed rebound circuit. The adjuster provides the same effect as revalving high-speed rebound but without the need for damper disassembly.


Fox 36 Factory 27,5" Grip 2 , 160mm

  • Steerer: tapered
  • Weight: 2.01 kg
  • Travel: 160 mm
  • Adjustment external: Grip 2
  • Stanchions:  Kashima Coat
  • Lower Leg: 15x110 Kobolt
  • Rake : 44
  • Spring: Air
  • Color Orange
  • Intended Use:  FR, AM
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