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GLORYFY G11 photochromic unbreakable transformer energizer green TRF 130

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Gloryfy's G9 Radical Transformer is a frameless sports sunglass that's durable and lightweight. The temples are connected to the lenses, while a nose bridge ensures that the glasses sit perfectly on the face. With the NBFX TRANSFORMER Energizer F1-F2, the lenses automatically tint and adapt to the light intensity, thus offering optimal vision. Rubber parts on the temples provide support and the adjustable inclination at the joints guarantees a perfect fit. There is also a metal logo on the temple. Inclinox technology allows the temples to be perfectly adjusted to the temperature at all times. 130mm

    nose bridge
    NBFX TRANSFORMER energizer F1-F2
    Rubber parts on the bracket
    Adjustable incline at the joints
    Metal logo on the temple
    Inclinox technology

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