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Knight 35 Clincher Tune wheelset


Knight 35 Clincher Tune

The Knight 35 is a high performance, do-it-all wheel that offers outstanding versatility and stability, making it a go-to for pros and enthusiasts alike.

When you want a wheel that improves the aerodynamics on your bike and just feels great, whether tearing up mountains and down valleys, jumping in the local road race or simply having a wheelset that you can depend on for training and racing; the 35 is the lightweight, aero workhorse that delivers a wonderfully fast and compliant ride day in, day out.


Throughout the development process of our wheels, lead engineer, Kevin Quan, works closely with his alma mater, the University of Toronto’s Institute of Aerospace Studies (UTIAS). Working with Dr. Phil Lavoie, Associate Professor with a PhD in Aerodynamics, and a number of graduate students the team rigorously tests and analyzes our wheel designs, utilizing no less than three wind-diverse wind tunnels, placing Knight squarely at the forefront of aerodynamic research.

Our design process begins with computer models using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to develop the initial shapes. We then utilize a rapid prototyping process to test the designs in a small-format wind tunnel in the UTIAS labs. This allows us to manipulate the rims on a micro scale—perfecting even the most miniscule details of our shapes.

We are the only rim manufacturer implementing an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) layup and molding process to produce our rims. This cutting edge process combined with aerospace-grade Toray carbon fiber—the same material used in Boeing’s 777 aircraft—allows us to produce a lighter, stronger, more reliable and more precisely constructed rim than any other manufacturer.

engineered to:

> Cushion the impact of the roughest roads

> Be extremely lightweight and nimble

> Provide a strong aero advantage over a standard box rim

- Material: Carbon
- High: 35mm
- Width outside: 25,5mm
- Front Hub :  Tune Mig 70
- Rear Hub: Tune Mag 170

- System : Shimano /Sram

- Spokes Front: Radial 20

- Spokes Rear: 2x gekreuzt 24

- Wheight Wheelset Carbon Clincher: Tune 1330g

- Fittings: Qick releases , valve extansions , pads , rimtape



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