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RIDLEY Noah Fast Disc Prizmatic Frameset

Every light beam a new bicycle


Light. A subject to become philosophical about. But that is not our strong suit.
Then let us become Velosophical about it! Meet the Noah Fast Disc Prizmatic, a real Ridley Limited Edition.
This Noah Fast starts with a mysterious silver and a ballsy Apple Green, but every beam of light gives it a new look. Time after time, this bike reinvents itself.
A shade of blue breaks through the mysterious silver. One second later violet appears. The colours disappear as fast as they appear. Your bike becomes the unique stage of a battle between mysterious and striking, while the Apple Green highlights some cool features.

Full Specs  
Modell/Model RIDLEY Noah Fast Disc Prizmatic ,Rahmenset Modell 2021
Rahmen/Frame Noah Fast Disc, 60T-40T-30T High Modulus Unidirectional Carbon, In-Mould F-Surface Technology, TA 12x142mm
Gabel/Fork Noah Fast Disc, 60T-40T-30T High Modulus Unidirectional Carbon, In-Mould F-Surface Technology, TA 12x100mm
Lenker/Bar Ridley Fast Integrated Cockpit
Innenlager/BB -



Ridley Fast Noah Carbon


Flat Mount Disc



Months of intensive CFD (Computional Fluid Dynamics) and wind tunnel testing have resulted in extremely accurate airflow mapping. These data points were used to improve the bike’s aerodynamic performances by reducing drag around the whole bike. This was achieved through our ‘whole bike approach’, resulting in the best aerodynamic shapes for the whole bike with multiple optimizations and component integrations.



Aerodynamic frame integration often results in a loss of fitting options, but not with the Noah Fast. Thanks to 6 different stem lengths (90 - 140 mm) and aero spacers with 3 different stack heights (3, 5 and 10 mm) you will be able to achieve your perfect position accurate to 1 mm. This is the result of our whole bike approach, where every part needs to fit together perfectly.

Available frame sizes vary between XS and XL.


Less time for maintenance and more time to ride. That's what we all want, right? The Noah Fast meets that wish. Assembling an aero bike was never that easy. Changing the integrated cables only takes 2 minutes. Or less.

This was made possible due to the use of full continuous cables, from shifters to brakes and derailleurs, even for the mechanical groupsets
A 750 775 800 825 850
B 455 480 505 530 555
C 526 545 565 587 603
D 117 140 164 194 218
E 74 73.5 73 72.5 72.5
F 72 73 73.5 73.5 74
G 405 405 405 408 408
H 68 66 66 63 63
I 975 977 987 1007 1017
J - - - - -
S 516 541 565 591 616
R 378 385 393 401 409
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