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SKS Compit Smartphone Handlebar bracket

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Bicycle-based mobility intelligently networked - with the products of the COMPIT series from SKS Germany!
Composed of the terms "Communication" and "Cockpit", COMPIT stands for a new generation of smartphone holders that cleverly, clearly and cleanly integrate modern communication technology into your bicycle handlebars.

The COMPIT mobile phone holder from SKS fits all common handlebar/stem combinations and holds your smartphone securely and securely even on very rough terrain. Thanks to the oversize bayonet mount, the phone can be fastened horizontally or vertically with a twist of the wrist. In addition, it can be brought into the desired position for optimal readability by means of a precise angle setting.

Also included in the scope of delivery is an attachment for a front light, which can be perfectly integrated into the bracket.

For even more endurance when navigating and recording the route, listening to music or simply communicating on the go, the holder can be upgraded with the Qi-certified COMPIT +COM/UNIT with inductive or wired charging function. With a fully charged smartphone and +COM/UNIT battery, it can be used for around 10 hours at full capacity.
An NFC chip (NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATION) built into the +COM/UNIT can be equipped with NFC-enabled mobile phones with various functions, such as the free SKS MYBIKE app.
In this way, SKS takes the topic of connectivity when cycling to a new dimension.
You can find the individual COMPIT +COM/UNIT power bank under order no. 2278622.
You can find a complete set of COMPIT smartphone holder including COMPIT +COM/UNIT power bank under order no. 2278614.

• Material: Plastic
• suitable for handlebar diameter: Ø 22.2 mm; diameter 25.4 mm; Ø 31.8 mm
• Maximum stem width: 49 mm

You also need a COMPIT smartphone cover or a COM/Smartbag - smartphone case!
Matching covers can be found under order no. 2278623.
You can find the right COM/Smartbag under order no. 2307468.

Scope of delivery:
• 1 x docking station for attaching the smartphone with OPTIONAL cover or the +COM/UNIT
• 1 x clamping arm for COMPIT without adapter
• 1 x clamping arms for COMPIT with adapter
• 1 x COM/LIGHT adapter (for front light)
• 1 x rubber adapter for handlebars with Ø 31.8 mm
• 1 x rubber adapter for handlebars with Ø 25.4 mm
• 1 x rubber adapter for handlebars with Ø 22.2 mm
• 1 x Allen key 3 mm
• 1 x Tx20 hexalobular key
• complete fastening material
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