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Sigma Pure GPS

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Pure GPS

Mount and ride

The PURE GPS is your comprehensive, worry-free computer. With the quick and easy installation, you can take it out of the box and start riding immediately. Install the handlebar/stem mount, attach and turn on the PURE GPS, press start, now ride!

Individual buttons for bike functions and altitude functions allow for quick access to your data during the ride. 12-month statistics and total values can be accessed after the ride with the menu button.


No more wireless transmitters! All speed and distance information is based on GPS signals. And since the PURE GPS logs all functions every 5 seconds, you can extensively evaluate your ride and your route in the DATA CENTER

The A-GPS auxiliary data allows for faster position determination and can be updated with the SIGMA LINK app, so you can get on your bike and ride immediately!

Altitude measurement

The PURE GPS uses an air pressure sensor to provide accurate altitude information, including gradient! Starting altitude can be determined based on GPS, or you can select one of your preset home altitudes.

Smart connectivity

Connectivity is an important attribute of the PURE GPS. After your ride, connect the bike computer to the DATA CENTER on your PC, MAC, or tablet using a micro USB cable. Or transfer your trip data to an Android smart phone using the SIGMA LINK app and NFC. (please note: NFC must be activated on the smart phone. iPhone does not support the NFC connection.)

You can also use the DATA CENTER or the SIGMA LINK app to make changes to your PURE GPS settings.

Compass navigation

With the directional compass arrow, the PURE GPS will always show you the shortest route (air line) back to the starting point of your trip. Even if you get turned around by switch backs or winding single track, the PURE GPS will point you back in the right direction.


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  • - GPS Bracket (2 pieces)
  • - Micro-USB cable
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