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Topeak Hybrid Rocket HP Mini Pump CO2 inflator

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Racing bike mini pump, CO₂ inflator or both? It's your choice! The HybridRocket technology combines the 
reliability of a mini pump with the speed of a CO₂ inflator in a compact housing. Pumping, filling with a CO₂ 
threaded cartridge or a combination of both. The CNC milled aluminum cylinder of this racing bike pump is 
optimized for high pressure and provides up to 11 bar / 160 psi maximum pressure. A retractable hose with
 a SmartHead ™ ThreadLock pump head fills Presta and Schrader valves in no time at all.
Leistung 11 bar / 160 psi
Materialien • CNC Aluminium (Zylinder)
• Gummi (Griff)
Volumen/Hub 23 cm³
Gewicht 99 g
Kopf • SmartHead™ ThreadLock mit integrierter Schutzkappe
• Passend für Presta- & Schrader-Ventile
MAßE 20 x 3,9 x 2,35 cm
Features • PCT-Kappe dient als Ventil-Schlüssel
• 1x 16 g CO₂-Gewindekartusche inklusive
• Schutzkappe
• Inkl. Halter
Art.-Nr. (TW) THR-HP1S
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