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TOPEAK SHUTTLE Gauge Pumpen-Manometer

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The Shuttle ™ Gauge G2 can be used as a pump pressure gauge between a pump and a valve or without 
a pump as an air pressure gauge. Allows measurements up to 11 bar / 160 psi. The rotating pressure 
gauge is easy to read, the head is compatible with Presta, Schrader & Dunlop * valves on bicycle / 
motorcycle / car tires, air forks and dampers. The clamping lever ensures an airtight connection to the 
valve. With air release button for fine adjustment of the air pressure. * Reading of the air pressure on 
Dunlop valves is only possible when filling with a floor / mini pump.
Leistung 11 bar / 160 psi
• Fiberglas-Composite
Manometer 1 1/2" groß, analog
Gewicht 50 g
VENTIL-KOMPATIBILITÄT Passend für Presta-, Schrader- & Dunlop*-Ventile

*Ablesen des Luftdrucks auf Dunlop-Ventilen nur beim Befüllen mit einer Stand- / Minipumpe möglich.
Maße 6,2 x 5,8 x 3 cm
PUMPEN-KOMPATIBILITÄT Passend für Presta- & Schrader-Pumpenköpfe
Art.-Nr. (TW) TSUTG-04
FEATURES • Luftablassknopf
• 360° rotierbares Manometer
• Schutzkappe
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