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TUNE Speedneedle Marathon black


The Speedneedle Marathon by Jürgen Mikus offers the same seating comfort as a good standard saddle and yet it beats it by far in terms of weight. Due to the sagging of the saddle shell and the yielding of the seat cushion, normal saddles press the perineal area, this is not the case with stiff saddles (Speedneedle). The result is better blood circulation, no numbness. In addition, the recessed padding in the perineal area prevents numbness.
Thanks to the carbon-aramid mix of the rails, there is no need for additional wrapping. The Speedneedle frame has a large clamping area, which makes it possible to use straight supports on almost all bikes.

Technical specifications

Saddle shell and struts: carbon and aramid fiber mix
Material cover: leather
Struts: 7.5x9.5mm
Padding: lightweight foam
Width: 135mm
Length: 260mm
Weight: 109g
Cover colors: black, red, blue, yellow, white
Max. rider weight: 90kg

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