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Tune Komm-Vor+ Carbon saddle white


Come-Vor Plus: How light can comfort be?

And how safe does lightweight construction have to be? 88g is our limit. Like a Formula 1 car, we developed the as a top product for a small area of ​​application: extremely lightweight construction with full safety. We guarantee you the usual TUNE safety because we only approve the Komm-Vor+ for road bikes and only up to a body weight of 90 kilos with equipment and clothing.

We promise comfort with the curved tail and the wide saddle nose. It prevents deafness. If you want a supercar but one that's off-road legal, then we recommend the Komm-Vor.

Technical specifications

Saddle shell and struts: carbon
Material cover: imitation leather or Alcantara
Strut: 8x10mm
Padding: none
Width: 130mm
Length: 265mm
Weight: 88g
Area of ​​application: racing bike
Cover colors: white, black, red, orange, bright green, yellow, blue
max. rider weight: 90kg

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