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Wilier Cento10 NDR Disc 2019 Frameset



A racing frame and the perfect balance between performance and comfort. The Cento10NDR will let you spend long hours in the saddle, thanks to its specially designed endurance geometry and the ACTIFLEX system – Wilier’s new approach to absorbing rear vibrations generated by bumps in the road surface.


The road bike market is evolving. New users are coming to the world of high-performance bikes with a variety of goals other than purely racing. They want more relaxed geometry, the option to fit wider tires and disc brakes, and the ability to cycle long distances without discomfort. Essentially, they want the perfect blend of responsiveness, performance, light-weight, ride quality and comfort. With the Cento10NDR we have brought together all these aspects that until now belonged to completely different visions and experiences of cycling. Developing the ACTIFLEX project since 2014, we have woven our traditional racing DNA into the endurance world.


ACTIFLEX is the heart of the Cento10NDR frame, providing an all-new connection between the seat post and seat stays. Using a carefully designed aluminium link and technopolymer dissipater, we can give the rear wheel a few millimeters of travel. The torsional stiffness of the aluminium link remains comparable to traditional monocoque carbon seatstays, despite the various connections involved. This stiffness gives the frame racing performance but at the same time allows the rear wheel to move up and down over bumps caused by imperfections in the road surface. Connected to the link there is a dissipater that stabilises the kinematic movement of the rear triangle. This special technopolymer has amazing mechanical properties, high atmospheric resistance and can function in temperatures from -40°C to +150°C. The dissipater will be made in three different colours for the different levels of density, meaning that ACTIFLEX can be set up perfectly according to the weight of the rider and/or the type of terrain they typically encounter on their bike.


The sophisticated design of the steerer tube combined with the special form of the headtube allows us to thread up to three cables inside the frame. The three cables enter the steerer tube through the Alabarda or Stemma & Barra, routing the gear and brake cables from the levers at exactly the right angle in the steering tube. So, if you’re using electronic gears and disc braking, the bike will not have any exposed cables, giving the Cento10NDR a beautifully clean look.


Cento10NDR is a race-ready frame derived from the Cento10AIR, our high-end light, aerodynamic bike. As in the Cento10AIR, Wilier’s new creation has been developed according to Naca-Low-Speed rules – aeronautical algorithms that allow us to design the frame tubes with the highest possible aerodynamic efficiency. Alongside the NACA algorithms, Wilier uses another important concept in aerodynamics: the Kamm theory. Indeed, all profiles are designed with a K-tail, reducing weight and increasing stiffness without negatively affecting the aerodynamic efficiency of the tube itself


Cento10NDR is the first road bike whose frame and fork can be fitted with two different types of brakes: disc brakes with thru-axles and 160 mm rotors or traditional direct-mount calliper brakes with quick releases. This solution expands the available configurations of the Cento10NDR, meaning the frame is always ready for an upgraded braking system. The fork and rear triangle have been designed to accommodate a wide range of tires: up to 28 mm with the direct-mount setup or up to 30 mm if using disc brakes.


Balanced design means the ride feels the same on all Cento10NDR frame sizes. The tube sections in the various sizes are different, to make sure that stiffness, comfort and ride quality are the same on each frame size produced

Full Specs  
Modell/Model Wilier Cento10 NDR Disc  ,Rahmenset Modell 2019
Rahmen/Frame Wilier Cento10 NDR Disc  CARBON MONOCOQUE 60TON
Gabel/Fork Wilier Cento10 NDR Disc  CARBON MONOCOQUE 60TON


Innenlager/BB  BB386 Evo





Flat Mount Disc


Frame geometry is key when it comes to endurance bikes. To offer Cento10NDR riders the maximum level of racing comfort, the proportions between the frame tubes needed to be rethought. The final result is a position that is slightly shorter and taller than in traditional racing geometries, thanks to a shorter reach and a greater stack. This reach and stack combination gives a more comfortable position without using any spacers between the stem and the frame. How often do we see cyclists with pure racing bikes and several centimetres of spacers on the steerer tube? Now with the Cento10NDR the overall look of the bike will be harmonious, proportionate, balanced and at the same time race-ready. The Reach & Stack graphic shows the correct position of the six sizes of Cento10NDR (light blue line) compared to other Wilier Triestina frames developed in recent years.


    [cm] [cm] [cm] [°] [cm] [cm] [°] [mm] [mm] [mm]
XS   40,5 51,7 46,0 74,5 11,7 40,6 71,0 369 527 974
S   43,5 53,2 49,0 74,0 13,6 40,6 71,5 374 546 982
M   45,5 54,7 51,0 73,5 15,7 40,8 72,0 379 566 991
L   47,5 55,8 53,0 73,5 17,7 40,8 72,5 384 586 998
XL   50,5 57,4 56,0 73,0 19,6 41,1 72,5 389 604 1012
XXL   53,5 59,2 59,0 72,5 21,7 41,1 72,5 395 625 1024
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