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The Recon TL StVZO rear light is a version of the Recon TL 100 that meets Germany's strict StVZO requirements for bicycle lights.


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SUPERNOVA V521s E-Bike Light, StVZO incl.handlebar mount next to stem


SUPERNOVA front light connection cable for Brose


SUPERNOVA front light connection cable for Yamaha


The revolution in the add-on parts market. E-bike attachments are simultaneously supplied with energy from the battery by the freely available system.


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SUPERNOVA Our drive is the motivation to inspire people with excellent product design, the highest quality and longevity for cycling and to make your mobility even safer. Cycling is the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way of getting around. Every kilometer covered by bike saves car kilometers. Not only is cycling a healthy way of getting around for young and old, it is, above all, fun. For us, cycling is a way of life. We are proud to be a small part of the great movement that tries to preserve our precious planet not only for ourselves but also for future generations.


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Maximum safety in elegant design

With a 70-metre headlight range and 60 lux, the AURA 60 USB illuminates streets and lanes evenly and ensures improved side visibility with the "Light Guide". This not only increases safety in road traffic, but also makes the StVZO light a first-class companion, especially for sporty riders and commuters.