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SKS EXPLORER EXP. Gravelbag Set 

Set of SKS Explorer EXP Saddlebag , Franebag and Barbag 


Waterproof bikepacking saddle bag

Saddlebag and mudguard in one: The EXPLORER EXP. SADDLEBAG not only provides storage space, but is also equipped with a clip-on mudguard. The tried and tested SKS X-GUARD can be screwed on and off at the bottom of the bag without the need for tools. On the one hand, the bag is attached to the saddle post with a frame-preserving, rubberised bracket using hook and loop fasteners. On the other hand, two straps enable secure mounting to the seat stays. With a maximum volume of 13 litres, the EXPLORER EXP. SADDLEBAG offers ample storage space, which can be varied with adjustable straps.

With a mudguard for tool-free mounting

A vent valve ensures easy compression after loading. With its rigid, waterproof material, the bag will hold its shape even in off-road use. The matt/glossy SKS design with reflective elements and rear light loops also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of appearance. The orange elastic drawstring is also in black colour included in the scope of delivery. Max. load capacity: 5 kg.

• Waterproof
• With a clip-on mudguard
• Vent valve
• Reflective elements
• Gentle mounting on the frame
• Adjustable straps
• Includes a net pocket in two colours

material: Waterproof material
color: black
weight: 500 g
capacity: 13000 ml
measurements: 575 x 165 x 345 mm




Waterproof bikepacking frame bag

It’s all in the centre. The EXPLORER EXP. FRAMEBAG provides 4 litres of storage space without affecting the bike’s handling behaviour. A jacket, repair kit or packed lunch can transported and protected from water and dirt thanks to the waterproof material with welded zips. The extra pockets for a tool or a mini pump, such as the SKS AIRFLEX EXPLORER, can be accessed with one grip. The rubberised brackets with strong hook and loop fasteners, enable gentle and individually adjustable mounting to the frame.

With welded zips

The bag is also designed in such a way that – depending on the geometry – there is still room for a bottle holder with a bottle in the frame triangle. The rigid material in a matt/glossy SKS design simply repels any water. At the same time, the reflective stripes will keep you safe in the dark. Max. load capacity: 5 kg.

• Waterproof
• Extra compartment for a mini tool and mini pump
• Welded zip
• Reflective elements
• Gentle mounting on the frame
• Individually adjustable straps

material: Waterproof material
color: black
weight: 185 g
capacity: 4000 ml
measurements: 435 x 55 x 235 mm




Waterproof bikepacking handlebar bag

Roll it on! The EXPLORER EXP. BARBAG handlebar bag is a real front-line fighter because the waterproof bag keeps bikepacking equipment clean and dry even in all kinds of weather. It can be opened on both sides and is therefore ideal for quickly accessing the luggage. The rollable side ends make the volume (max. 9 litres) flexibly adjustable. A vent valve ensures easy compression after loading.

Individual mounting options with spacers

The bag is mounted with two rubberised hook and loop fasteners and individually usable soft spacers so it can be fastened to various handlebar types and geometries. The EXPLORER EXP. BARBAG is equipped with reflective elements and loops for mounting a plug-in light. 8 spacers are included. Max. load capacity: 3 kg.

• Waterproof
• Opening on both sides
• Roll-in side ends
• Vent valve
• Reflective elements
• Loops for a plug-in light
• With spacers for individual mounting

material: Waterproof material
color: black
weight: 390 g
capacity: 9000 ml
measurements: 700 x 315 mm


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