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Tune Komm-Vor Carbon saddlecarbon diverse Farben


Product information "Come Before Carbon Saddle"

Bags of chocolate chip cookies! Of course we relied on chocolate doping when developing the 95g light Komm-Vor.

This makes it easier to ponder. But then some of us had to be careful that we were still allowed to drive it ourselves: You can weigh 90 kilos including equipment and clothing, more is not possible with so much lightweight construction. We guarantee you absolute safety, whether on a mountain bike or racing bike. The flat, wide saddle nose prevents numb limbs. Deep, rounded side edges give you plenty of freedom of movement, even on the steepest trails.

Available in different colors, hand laminated in the Black Forest.

The saddle is suitable for a vegan lifestyle (artificial leather).

Technical specifications

Saddle shell and struts: carbon
Material cover: imitation leather
Struts: 8x10mm
Upholstery: faux leather
Width: 131mm
Length: 265mm
Weight: 95g
Area of ​​application: road bike and MTB
Cover colors: white, black, red, orange, light green, yellow, blue
max. rider weight: 90kg

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