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TOPEAK Tetrarack R2 Road Strap Rear

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Ideal for transporting Topeak MTX TrunkBags and pannier bags like the Topeak Pannier DryBag. The universal fit rear rack features an innovative carrier plate that can be leveled regardless of the angle of the seat stays. Thanks to the integrated QuickTrack™ system, Topeak MTX TrunkBags can be pushed open, locked and removed again with just the push of a button. The clever Velcro mounting system allows mounting on a variety of bikes and keeps the load in place after tool-free installation.

*NOT recommended to mount on carbon frames!

**NOT compatible with V-brakes!

The mounting base of the TetraRacks has an installation length of 200 mm. The fork and seat stays must not contain any obstacles that affect or prevent a safe assembly of the TetraRacks. The diameter of the seatstays must be at least 15 mm. Mounting the TetraRack R2 on carbon frames is NOT recommended!

Compatible with seat stays that have a spacing of 75-105mm (measured centre-to-centre). Never exceed the maximum load (9 kg).




• Topeak RX TrunkBags
• Topeak MTX TrunkBags
• Gepäckträgertaschen wie Topeak Pannier DryBag

Materialien Aluminium / Fiberglas-Composite / Nylon
Features • Schlitzschienen zum Nivellieren
• Schelle zur Montage eines Reflektors
Gewicht 870 g
Befestigung Klettverschlüsse an den Sitzstreben
Maße 39,5 x 30 x 12 cm
Max. Belastung 9 kg
Art.-Nr. (TW) TA2407R2

***We recommend the TetraRack M2L for transporting the E-Xplorer TrunkBox

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