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Designed with help from the riders of Team Sunweb, the all new NeosTrack GPS Cycling Computer is engineered to provide riders with the information they need to push the limits of performance. With integrated FTP/LTHR test protocols, Auto-Sync capabilities, and even turn by turn route guidance, the NeosTrack is your pocket sized training partner. What’s more, NeosTrack boasts a battery life of up to 33 hours on a single charge, and features Bluetooth, as well as ANT+ technology, to make it compatible with practically every power meter and training device on the market.

169.90 €

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The reference tyres!

59.90 € / pair(s)

DURA-ACE R9100 series


The DURA-ACE groupset is the result of Shimano’s ongoing passion for technology. This is reflected in every single component in the groupset. All components are joined together to work as one, reinforcing each other for unparalleled performance. This is how DURA-ACE achieves ultimate supremacy.

from 1,666.00 €

The best value carbon Wheel-Tyre System reinvented to be lighter, more dynamic and with improved aerodynamics

749.00 € / pair(s)

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Veltec Laufräder: für Profis - von Profis Industriegelagerte Naben mit maximaler Zuverlässigkeit!

Recommended retail price 439.00 €
299.00 € / pair(s)

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The Danny MacAskill Signatureline has been designed and specified together with the famous rider. This was done to ensure the brake system either meets or surpasses the requirements placed on it by a professional athlete. The 4 piston caliper is in a prominent raceline yellow and is complemented by a real highlight in the form of one new brake lever.

MAGURA has taken the HC3 technology from our motorcycle division and adapted it for bicycle application. The very first use of this new technology will be for the new MT7 Danny MacAskill. The HC3 lever blade allows for a manual adjustment of the mechnical leverage ratio and is designed to allow for an individual set up with regards to braking force required combined with a perfect pressure point. The ratio adjustment is a new development and elevates the brake system to a new level. The single finger lever offers ideal lever ergonomics.

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The new R.Q1 FS sets new standards where cross-country and all-mountain riding meet. The forward-oriented XCS chassis delivers maximum performance both up and downhill. A light and versatile bike for any trail.


Intelligent shifting for an almost frictionless drivetrain

Shimano Deore XT Di2 is engineered to give you a smooth, fast, almost frictionless drivetrain. Cassettes engineered for precise shifting, derailleurs balanced for instant gear changes no matter what load you put on them, finely-tuned levers for effortless shifts; innovations that let you focus on what truly matters, the ride.

949.00 € / Kit(s)

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GPS Bike Computer for Performance and Racing

  • Lightweight and compact with 2.3-inch high-resolution, capacitive touch display that works with gloves and when wet
  • GroupTrack1 feature keeps tabs on everyone in your riding pack
  • Advanced performance monitoring includes VO2 max, recovery advisor, Strava live segments, FTP, performance condition and advanced cycling dynamics2
  • Built-in incident detection3 included; compatible with cycling awareness accessories such as Varia Vision™, Varia™ smart bike lights and rearview radar
  • Bike-specific navigation preloaded with Garmin Cycle Map for turn-by-turn navigation
419.00 €

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New ! Sram Red crankset

Already a legend in its time, the SRAM RED Exogram Crankset is now available with refreshed graphics to compliment our new SRAM RED® eTap componentry.

The SRAM RED® Exogram crankset features a completely hollow construction all the way to the spider. Its hidden bolt pattern makes better use of carbon fiber to further improve stiffness and shed weight. As always for seamless, flawless performance and Yaw compatibility, pair this crank with X-GlideR chainrings.

349.00 €

It’s Time To Shift Forward
At SRAM, we know that if a technological advancement clutters the experience, it shouldn’t be called an advancement.
Because it’s a bicycle. It’s supposed to be simple. To make something elegant to the point where it removes what’s in the way... that’s advancement. That is the standard we held ourselves to while developing our first electronic shifting system; SRAM RED® eTap.

1,219.00 € / Kit(s)

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It’s Time To Shift Forward
At SRAM, we know that if a technological advancement clutters the experience, it shouldn’t be called an advancement.
Because it’s a bicycle. It’s supposed to be simple. To make something elegant to the point where it removes what’s in the way... that’s advancement. That is the standard we held ourselves to while developing our first electronic shifting system; SRAM RED® eTap.

from 2,049.00 € / Kit(s)

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2015 MAGURA MT 7 Disc Kit front & rear 

The MT7 stands for maximum braking performance and stability in extreme conditions. In the tough, bike-testing worlds of Enduro and Downhill, the additional braking power of the 4 brake pistons is a positive safety factor.

Campagnolo EPS, Electronic Power Shift, ist eine hochentwickelte elektronische Schaltung, die dank einer künstlichen Intelligenz (DTI, Digital Tech Intelligence) in der Lage ist, die Betätigung der Schalthebel durch den Radfahrer in digitale Signale umzusetzen, diese zu verarbeiten und die Bewegung von Umwerfer und Schaltung zu steuern. Das EPS-System verfügt über Elektronik, die sich zentral und nicht in den einzelnen Komponenten befindet. Diese digitale Intelligenz, bestehend aus Power Unit und Interface, kommuniziert mit den Komponenten, von denen sie ständig ein Feedback erhält und diese steuert. Zentralisierte Elektronik bedeutet höhere Stabilität des Systems und geringere Anfälligkeit für Funktionsfehler und Störungen durch Stürze. Sollten bei dieser hochtechnologischen Entwicklung Funktionsstörungen auftreten, so ist das EPS-System in der Lage, diese automatisch festzustellen. Die On Board Diagnostic zeigt durch farbliche Kennzeichnung mittels RGB-LED an, wo eine Funktionsstörung vorliegt.

1,299.00 €

NSW - Nest Speed Weaponry - comes from the nickname "The Nest" Zipp engineers gave to the windowless, high-security advanced development lab in the corner of the Zipp factory. It's where only the best fledgling ideas fly.

2,549.00 €

The new profile and OneStar rubber compound make the Schwalbe X-One one of the fastest cross tires ever. To make it the absolute high-flyer, mount it without a tube on a tubeless-compatible wheel.

79.95 € / pair(s)

The Z5 is one of the lightest frames ever built, yet still possesses the famous acceleration, lively road feel, and comfort that is the hallmark of all Parlee designs. The Z5 combines the best qualities of the custom Z1 and stock Z4 by using the latest mold techniques perfected in the TT. Without sacrificing performance, comfort or durability, we are able to mold the whole main frame section in a single contiguous piece. The Z5 is a unique design with industry-first features such as carbon fiber cable stops, co-molded dropouts, our ground breaking Flex-Fit geometry which affords 12 stock sizes (most competitors' stock lines come in 3-5) and a solidity rarely found in bikes up to 5 pounds heavier. In a Z5 you can have one of the lightest bikes ever built with the legendary Parlee combination of comfort and performance. Discover the S-TEC Executive Spec.

Please be informed the indicated selling price includes only Frame, Fork Head Set and Carbon Clamp for the front Derailleur.

With the new ‘Vector S’ there’s no need to be a professional cyclist to train like one. The single-sided power meter accurately measures total power and cadence at the point where you apply the force: the pedal. Easily install the Vector S yourself, connect wirelessly to an Edge device and transfer to another bike if needed. And once you’re hooked on the data, you can easily upgrade to the dual sensing system. It’s that simple.

Recommended retail price 849.00 €
669.00 €

GPS Bike Computer for Touring and Adventure

  • On-road or off-road navigation with preloaded Garmin Cycle Map
  • Input distance and other parameters and choose from up to three round-trip ride options
  • Plan new routes to follow, on device or through apps
  • Incident detection¹ offers automatic or manual alerts to emergency contacts
  • Connected features¹: instant uploads, incoming call and text alerts, live tracking, weather
429.00 €

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The Racing Quattro Carbon, on the other hand, incorporates an extremely advanced carbon fiber rim with technology deriving from wheels that come at a much higher price point. The carbon fiber rim allows for less rotational weight and thus increased reactivity in addition to an overall lower weight. Quicker accelerations on both the flats as well as on inclines and less weight to drag up the longer climbs that challenge every rider eventually. Working with carbon fiber allowed the engineers at Fulcrum to develop an aerodynamic shape that reduces drag and allows the athlete to use his energy to propel himself in front of the competition as opposed to fighting against air resistance.

1,099.00 €

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When you need a wheel whose main aim is multi-purpose use, that wheel needs to be a medium-profile Campagnolo. Our mid-range features the exclusive G3™ spoking which has been shown in laboratory tests to have greater torsional and flexural strength.

899.00 €

Unrivaled in the peloton: extraordinary performance and high impact aesthetics make this wheel the point of reference for cyclists. Race after race, Zero wheels have become synonymous with excellence, quality, performance, reliability… and victory!

1,399.00 €
Recommended retail price 1,499.00 €
1,299.00 €
  • Hollow steel dome makes for the stiffest gear cluster ever at the lightest weight.
  • Heat-treated, high-grade tool steel provide superlative durability and a beautiful finish.
  • StealthRing™ elastomers and advanced tooth profiles eliminate vibration and noise for a smooth, silent ride.
  • Aluminum cog: lighter, stiffer, stronger due to the design, material and production process.
from 209.90 €

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When you’re ripping through rolling terrain, cranking the pedals one minute and getting off the back of the bike the next, no seat height is “just right.” The all-new Reverb gives you 125mm of infinite seat height adjustment and control of your return speed in a hydraulically actuated remote package. A custom sealing system means the plush and consistent feel of this seat post won’t degrade no matter how much the weather does.

269.90 €

Featuring identical functionality as traditional Reverb, the significant difference of Reverb Stealth is the hydraulic hose’s exit point from the post. Stealth’s hose exits the bottom of the post, routing internally through the frame, creating a non-moving, clean hose-routing solution, that will yet again set a new standard in the adjustable height seat post category. Now available with the Connectamajig hydraulic quick-release for the remote control hose, making it a breeze to route the hose into the frame when assembling the seat post on a bike, and allows for several disconnects and reconnects before a system bleed is required.

Recommended retail price 411.00 €
299.90 €

Di2 XTR Rear Derailleur

XTR RD-M9050: Unrivaled shift performance and stability. Shimano’s XTR M9050 Di2 rear derailleur delivers unrivaled chain control and shift performance that doesn’t degrade over time. With Shimano Shadow RD+ clutch technology, the RD-M9050 is the ultimate mountain bike rear derailleur. Its damage. A refined geometry augments Shimano’s already legendary performance stability while system communication with the front derailleur makes Shimano Synchronized Shift a possibility
435.00 €



479.90 €

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Combining the most advanced technologies with the extraordinary properties of carbon, the new SLR is 15% lighter and guarantees unmatched aerodynamics. With its special EVA foam padding and unique shape, the SLR offers unrivalled comfort whether you are an ordinary bike rider or a pro.

Recommended retail price 220.00 €
169.95 €

It’s Time To Shift Forward
At SRAM, we know that if a technological advancement clutters the experience, it shouldn’t be called an advancement.
Because it’s a bicycle. It’s supposed to be simple. To make something elegant to the point where it removes what’s in the way... that’s advancement. That is the standard we held ourselves to while developing our first electronic shifting system; SRAM RED® eTap for Aero TT bikes .

1,229.00 € / Kit(s)

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