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A new generation takes over at Tune: AC series QRs have shaped years of light construction.


Proudly and right in time before season we can tell you that we are able to deliver the worlds lightest quick release. According my motto „lighter and stronger“ the U20 is a product that most to be loved.


The skewer design consists of a black anodized aluminum end cap, a titanium axle and a carbon lever.



CADEX is the pursuit of what many see as improbable, even impossible. It's the discovery of a new material that produces faster wheels. Reinvention of the saddle for incomparable fit. Perfection of a tubeless tire that convinces pros to forgo tubulars. It's deep research into the bike and rider in motion. CADEX is the pursuit and realization of an entirely new level of performance in cycling components.

Our pursuit of the best-performing cycling components is built on an unrivaled mastery of materials and production, advanced research on cycling dynamics, and our close partnerships with professional teams and athletes. 


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