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Cadex AMP Saddle

can be shipped within 75 days


The ultra-lightweight Amp saddle is designed to provide comfortable support and compliance for a wide range of riders. It is shaped for a powerful, efficient pedaling position and has a saddle shell made using Advanced Forged Composite technology and integrated carbon rails. The highly elastic Particle Flow padding, the light reactive foam and the pressure-relieving recess in the middle of the saddle ensure even more comfort.
The upturned rear increases sit bone support and puts the rider in a more efficient and aerodynamic position.
    The arched shape quickly slopes down the side edges to create more pedaling space, increase adjustability and reduce legroom issues.
    The smooth edge and short nose design reduces friction points on

the inner thigh when pedaling.

Weight 129g
seat railscarbon
strut diameter 9mm
Peel Advanced Forged Carbon Technology (AFCT)
Light reactive foam + integrated particle flowWidth145mmlength
stack height44mm
    Advanced Forged Composite Technology creates a low-slung, full-carbon base that eliminates flex and provides maximum support for more efficient pedaling.
    Integrated strut design relieves pressure points and increases compliance.
    The integrated highly elastic Particle Flow padding distributes the pressure over a larger area.
    Lightweight Reactive Foam with high rebound density provides lasting comfort and vibration dampening.
    The ergonomic cut-out in the middle reduces the pressure on the soft tissues.


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