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Reynolds RZR 92.2



  • Rim Depth: 92 mm
  • Spoke Patterns:Radial Front/Torque Flange-Radial Rear 16/20
  • Weight:1582g (T)
  • Hubs:RZR Full Carbon
  • Front Spokes:Carbon NACA Aero
  • Rear Spokes:Carbon NACA Aero
  • Brake Pads:Reynolds Cryo Blue

The innovative tire mounting and brake-track region of the rim of the RZR 92 is another Reynolds exclusive. We’ve made the tire bed 70% larger and 30% deeper than our traditional tubular profile, for nearly seamless tire-to-rim airflow continuity. The RZR 92 aerodynamic section accommodates tires from 19mm to 22mm with no increase in drag as tire diameter increases. Typically a narrower tire will result in a lower drag value, due to the fact that a narrower tire moves the thickest portion of the aerodynamic shape rearward, reducing separation. With the increasing popularity of wider tires in TT and Triathlon, the RZR 92 is designed to accommodate wide tires without sacrificing performance. 

In addition, we’ve added a channel that runs around the rim on the centerline of the tire mounting surface to create additional clearance for the stitching and cloth tape covering. This feature promotes optimal contact between the round tubular tire and the rim to ensure the tire stitching and tape covering will not “waddle” from bottoming out on the rim. This optimal contour reduces rolling resistance variability caused by tire gluing . Unlike ovoid designs, the RZR 92 does not compromise braking performance or frame fit. The sidewalls of the RZR 92 are parallel for predictable, strong braking, but the sidewall placement and termination is unique. The RZR 92 is the first wheel to apply Dispersive Effect Termination™ (DET) to a wheel contour to help smooth out the turbulent airflow caused by wheel rotation. DET smoothes excited, energized air (air that varies in predictable frequencies) and re-attaches it to reduce drag.

The 92 RZR sets a new standard for a low-drag time trial and triathlon wheel, best in class, 15.2 watts at 50 kph at 10 degrees yaw.


RZR Overview


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