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Look Geo Trekking ROC


LOOK Geo Trekking ROC


We are proud to introduce the new range of GEO TREKKING pedals from LOOK. The new standard when it comes to hybrid pedals featuring on flat side and one side to accommodate an SPD cleat. Mobility is the word on everyone’s lips.

With the popularity of e-bikes comes new simpler and environmentally friendly alternative to getting around our cities and roads. Having 35 years of experience designing and innovating cycling pedals, LOOK has always strived to exceed consumer expectations without compromising our standards of design and safety. The LOOK GEO TREKKING line of pedals answers the question of how we move from racing to touring our cities and roads.


The GEO TREKKING pedal range has been designed to support you in your everyday journeys, between office and home, in the city, on cycle lane, amongst traffic or simply when adventure calls and you set off on roads or trails, in search of new horizons.

The GEO TREKKING pedal range has been designed to support you in your everyday journeys. Whether it be between the office and home or in the city, a bike lane, or amongst traffic the GEO TREKKING pedal is there to offer that versatility. When adventure calls and for you to search out new horizons off road, the GEO TREKKING answers that call with SPD compatibility.

That versatility means that the GEO TREKKING pedal can tackle every situation and in all conditions. Providing unparalleled freedom. The clipless side is SPD compatible with a retention adjustment system ranging from 5 to 10. All of the GEO TREKKING pedals come with our “easy” cleat that allows a 30% easier clip in and out in multi directions.

  • A simple adjustment system allows you to set tension from 5 to 10 N.m.
  • Pedals come with EASY cleat, which make engagement 30% easier
  • Molded crampons on the flat side of the pedal for comfort, stability and safety.

Spindle material CHROMOLY

Body & platform

Body material Aluminum 8-Pins
Platform width 83 mm
Q Factor 56 mm
Release angle 13°


Retension & cleats

Retention 5 - 10
Cleats EASY

Weight & Size

Pedal 233 g
Weight pair + cleats 521 g


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