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SKS Compit+ with BatteryPack for Handycover

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Bicycle-based mobility intelligently networked - with the products of the COMPIT series from SKS Germany!
Composed of the terms "Communication" and "Cockpit", COMPIT stand

The +COM/UNIT charging station allows wireless charging of the smartphone while driving - at any angle and with simultaneous use. Mobile devices that are not equipped with a wireless charging function can be connected to the +COM/UNIT via a USB port and charged. The NFC chip installed in the +COM/UNIT can be equipped with various functions, such as the free SKS MYBIKE app, on NFC-enabled mobile phones. It is attached with a twist via the oversize bayonet mount.


• Battery capacity: 5000 mAh

• Qi - Wireless transmission power : 5W
Qi - wireless transmission power

• USB output : DC 5V/2A

• USB input: DC 5V/2A

• NFC chip: NTAG 216, 924 bytes

• Weather protection / weatherproof : IP54


including light adapter

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