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DR.WACK F100 Kettenöl 50ml

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The chain oil is suitable for all moving parts. It significantly reduces friction and wear, thereby enabling the chain to run very smoothly and improving the response of the spring elements. Thanks to the excellent creeping properties, even hard-to-reach places can be reached and receive comprehensive protection against corrosion and wear. The F100 has a long adhesive effect and maintains the effect even under heavy loads and driving in the rain. Suitable for all parts to be lubricated, e.g. chain, cassette, suspension fork, damper, Bowden cable, etc.

Characteristics of the Dr. Wack F100 lubricant:

    Thanks to the addition of PTFE, all moving parts are guaranteed to run smoothly
    Highest wear protection
    Special polymers reduce metal friction to a minimum perfect lubrication)
    Significantly reduces the effort required
    Top corrosion protection
    High creeping and adhesive properties
    Significantly reduces chain noise

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