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TuneLeichtes Stück


We encounter the inspiration for our light piece again and again in everyday life, for example in the form of half-timbered houses, tower cranes and bridge constructions.

The construction of the tower crane is most impressive. A narrow crane tower with a - in relation - oversized jib. Who wasn't impressed as a child that the crane didn't collapse or fall over? This construction is made possible, among other things, by a special arrangement of the struts.

When driving, a seat post is primarily subjected to a bending load which generates tensile and compressive stresses. The truss structure is ideal for this type of load and achieves the same stability with significantly less weight. It has good clamping properties. In practice, the lightweight piece convinces with a high level of self-damping for road and gravel use.

Our light piece is based on this type of technique. The cutouts according to this principle enable us to save a whopping 40g in weight without sacrificing stability. We even accept a significantly longer milling time on our CNC machines.

The post is available in two lengths (340mm and 420mm) and in our well-known colours.

Technical specifications

Manufacturing: CNC milled and turned
Material tube: Aluminum profile tube
Material seesaw, claw, bar: aluminium
Material screws: titanium
Length: 340mm or 420mm
Minimum insertion depth: approx. 9cm must be at least in the frame
Diameter: 27.2mm
Weight: from 155g
Max. rider weight: 100kg

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