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Tune Speedneedle 20TwentyAlcantara Carbon Saddle - black


Product information "Speedneedle 20TWENTY Alcantara Carbon Saddle"

To be continued: The carbon saddle Speedneedle 20TWENTY!

We have had the Speedneedle saddle in our range for over 20 years. It was one of the first lightweight saddles suitable for everyday use and quickly became a hit thanks to its low weight (less than 90g depending on the model), high level of comfort, durability and of course its unique design. Even today, 20 years after its publication, the demand is unbroken.

Reason enough for you to ring in the next 20 years with the new Speedneedle 20TWENTY saddle. Thanks to many years of experience, the 130 mm Speedneedle 20TWENTY is based on the slightly wider Speedneedle Marathon version. We have remained true to the robust and proven CFRP-aramid fiber mix struts. They give the saddle the necessary stability for attachment to the seat post. They give the saddle the necessary stability for attachment to the seat post. The saddle shell and padding have changed. Compared to the Speedneedle, the Speedneedle 20TWENTY saddle is completely covered with leather on the sides. For more comfort when driving, the two carbon strips are now long instead of across. This distributes the padding exactly where you need it. Your butt will love you for it!

The trailing edge has been modernized with a curved design.

Every single Speedneedle saddle is personally handcrafted by Jürgen Mikus. Jürgen Mikus runs a small coal factory in Leverkusen. Here he has been producing his saddles with a lot of love and dedication for years. This makes the Speedneedle an exclusive product!

Technical specifications

Saddle shell and struts: carbon and aramid fiber mix
Material cover: Alcantara
Struts: 7.5 x 9.5mm
Padding: light foam
Width: 135mm
Length: 260mm
Weight: 99g
Cover colors: black
max. rider weight: 90kg

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