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Ksyrium UST Disc

A smart upgrade for your road bike is now even smarter. Lighter, and smoother riding, the Ksyrium UST Disc delivers proven performance and new Road Tubeless technology.




Currently unavailable

Comete Pro Carbon UST

The high-performance feel of carbon plus the wind-slicing aero speed of our Comete technology


Currently unavailable

Cosmic SLR 45

Less weight where it matters

1,499.00 / pair(s)

Cosmic SL 45

Less weight where it matters

979.00 / pair(s)

Cosmic SL 40

Less weight where it matters

from 999.00 / pair(s)

Allroad S

Trusted Mavic technologies and design, all packaged in a lightweight, durable UST Allroad wheelset with a stunning finish, make this a smart upgrade for adventurous riders

366.00 / pair(s)

Allroad SL

Gravel, dirt, teeth-chattering pavé. Ride it all with confidence in control on this lightweight, responsive, all-conditions aluminum wheel featuring Mavic UST Road Tubeless technology

599.00 / pair(s)

Allroad Pro Carbon SL

Our highest performance carbon Allroad wheels help you tackle rough roads, pavé or gravel with speed, control and a dynamic ride quality


1,399.00 / pair(s)
31 - 38 of 38 results